Our Story

Inspired by nature and driven by passion, we started this small business in 2015. It simply started with an idea of being able to wear wooden stuff in our daily life. As most people wear watches every day, we started with wooden watch bands. The mild feeling of wood and the faint fragrance of nature made our bands welcomed by many clients.
IWAYS is committed to offer beautifully handcrafted replacement bands for apple watches.
We continuously source wood materials from various suppliers around the world that ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain. We carefully selected below woods for their beautiful colors and special grains:
- Walnut Wood
- Maple Wood
- Barrel Wood / White Oak
- Black Sandalwood
- Red Sandalwood
- Zebra Wood
- Koa Wood
We seek simple life that nature yield. Less is more! Our bands are of minimalist design. Each of our products are masterfully crafted from natural renewable and sustainable resources. Our products make a prefect gifts for groomsmen, anniversary, graduation, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, etc.!
Each of our bands are of natural unique wood grains. We pay remarkable attention to details and quality.
We are proud to be able to share our unique products to people all over the world.
Thanks for choosing IWAYS.